Girl in Portland paid the price for spitting in the cops with bruises and abrasions

Last week in Portland (Oregon) has held several protests. White nationalist group, whose members call themselves «Proud guys» met with concretestone on the streets. Not without skirmishes, in which several people were injured and more than a dozen people were arrested.

The authorities announced the «civil unrest», and took to the streets of dozens of law enforcement officers. They were a living wall between the opposing demonstrators. Passers-by filmed the events on the phone, and a video of one of the witnesses went viral. It illustrates the brutality of the police against the woman.

The girl in the red dress was crossing the street and spat in the direction of the police car, then 5-ro officers twisted her arms and knocked to the ground.

TO BE CLEAR I SPIT IN THE GENERAL DIRECTION NOT EVEN ON AN OFFICER AND I WAS TACKLED BY 5 COPS. Is that really necessary??? I woke up with bruises all over my body.

— Hannah 🦋🦋🦋 (@Radiocabgirl) August 18, 2019


The video went viral and «scattered» across the Network, triggering a violent reaction from the public.

And yes I know this looks like nothing in this picture, and maybe to some it is nothing, but it was still entirely unjust and excessive for the situation at hand. This is light shit, people experience much worse all over the country every day

— Hannah 🦋🦋🦋 (@Radiocabgirl) August 19, 2019

Many Internet users have accused Hannah, the victim that provoked the police. She spat at them (in the US, the slap is even considered a crime, after all, could theoretically cause infection, any disease).

But most people still took the side of girls, recognizing the aggression of law enforcement unnecessary and impermissible.

«Any form of disrespect towards police should be met with arrests»

God damn. This is where we are now.

— Gorvachev»s Birthmark🏳 This🌈🌹 (@AlfredoRianoM) August 18, 2019