Teenagers from California were watching TV when they are rudely interrupted by a hungry bear (video)

This 113-pound bear exactly feel at home in California home for vacation rental in Truckee.

Shooting security cameras in the building recorded the bear who decided to visit one of California house and entered through an unlocked back door, opened the refrigerator and studied its contents before preferred the Taco with meat. Please note that a wild animal was no trouble to open the fridge door.

He then slowly walked into the living room, where he decided to have a snack vending dish.

But as it turned out, the house that day was not empty. In the hall sat 15-year-old Hayes Sherman and his friend Bobby Hurd, who was watching TV when I heard a noise in the other room. «We heard someone banging on the cookware, but I was absolutely sure that my mom and cousin are sleeping,» said Hayes.

The bear then tried to go into the room where they were watching TV, scaring teenagers, as they may not be afraid ever again. «It was the scariest moment,» said Hayes. «To be on one side of the door and realize that the other side tries to enter the bear».

Bobby barricaded the door, until Hayes took advantage of a smart watch to call my mom, who was upstairs, and ask her to immediately call 911.

He whispered to her: «Mother! In the house bear!»

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The woman, fortunately, decided that it was a hoax and phoned the authorities. After a few minutes the door opened, the assistant Sheriff. The officer took the gun with a tranquilizer to calm the huge animal.

«He sleeps!» — heard in the video screams like a female officer tenants. «You can come out».

The family is assured that in the future they are planning to close the Windows and doors of the house.