«I’ll never forget»: new York 5-year-old girl died after she fell off the fence stone

A girl named Allison Pinto of Choumane was walking with his mother on Harmon Street near Wyckoff Avenue in Bushwick around 11 am.

«I’ll never forget»: new York 5-year-old girl died after she fell off the fence stoneAllison Pinto Of Kaumana. Source: twitter

Suddenly the child wanted to pull a stone that was sticking out of a decorative fence. The result is a huge chunk of fencing fell off and knocked her down. According to a local resident, he heard a shot, and then a mother’s cry.

The mother stopped a passing ambulance, which quickly drove the girl to Wyckoff Hospital. But the injury was so severe that she survived.

The Department of buildings of new York (DOB) informed the property owner about the violation, namely the improper content. According to DOB, the remainder of the granite fence on the site were poorly attached that represented a potential danger. Loose piece was about 100 cm.

The mother of the little girl Maria Lorena of Choumane told about the tragic incident, saying that they were in the area visiting a relative when the girl was playing near the fence of the decorative stone.

«I saw it all collapsed, crushing his head, told the grieving mother of the girl. — I desperately picked it up, I raised my daughter.»

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She said she ran with the «bleeding» a girl in his arms to the ambulance.

«I have seen with my own eyes and will never forget. Can’t forget», she said.

According to DOB, the sidewalk in front of the building will be closed until then, until it is torn down the remaining fence. At the moment the incident is being investigated and arrests have been reported.