14-year-old shot his father, stepmother and three younger siblings

On Tuesday, September 4, was charged with 14-year-old boy from Alabama who was shot five members of his family in a house in Almonte.

The victims were: a 38-year-old John Sisk, the father of the boy; the 35-year-old stepmother Mary Sisk, 6-year-old brother of the shooter; his 5-year-old sister; his 6-month-old brother.

According to the representative of the County Sheriff’s office Limestone, Stephen young, teenager, «awaiting trial, could face charges on all counts as an adult, and not as minors.»

Yang added that the gun that shot the teenager was in the house illegally.

The teenager called 911 at about 22.30 hours local time yesterday, September 2. He said that was in the basement when he heard the shooting upstairs.

He repeated this story to the deputies, who soon arrived on the scene.

«He said he ran out of the house, but when he began to examine, noticed discrepancies in his story. He later confessed to the shooting of five members of a family,» said officer young.

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Three out of five of the victims died on the spot, two were taken by helicopter to a hospital in critical condition, but, unfortunately, to save their lives failed.

Karen Tucker, a spokeswoman for the school district Limestone, said the whole district is deeply saddened by the tragic event, and schools have additional psychologists.

Elkmont is a tiny town with a population of about 500 people South of the border with Tennessee, is approximately 45 minute drive Northwest Huntsville (state of Alabama).