The fire on the boat, among the dead 5 members of one family who were celebrating the birthday of the father of the family

Five members of one family – among those who are considered dead after a terrible fire, which happened Monday night on the dive boat around the island of Santa Cruz in California.

According to Dominic Selga, his mother, vernisa of the Season; his stepfather, Michael Quitasol; and three of his four half sisters — Evan, Nicole and Angela Quitasol — was on Board of the ship Conception. They went on a trip to celebrate the birthday of Michael.

Photos of the Stockton family who was on the #Conception. I’m told the whole family loved diving. They had all recently gotten their certification. Their trip to the Channel Islands was to celebrate Michael’s birthday Quitasol’ @CBSSacramento

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«I held that 1%, but deep down, already know that there is no chance,» said the man.

Rescuers managed to find not all bodies, while others are officially missing.

According to Dominic, their whole family was certified divers, they often made a family trip.

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«Michael always wanted to go back under the water again to swim with scuba diving, and when they met with my mother, I decided to do more things for themselves. So every year they went on this boat in the national Park Channel Islands to go diving, ‘ said Dominic. – We have been on that ship – and more than once. It seemed quite safe.»

For many years Mike and Vernisa worked as a nurse and as a nurse at St. Joseph’s Medical Center in Stockton (California), and recently started working at Kaiser hospitals in Stockton, Modesto and Manteca.

Daughter of Michael, Evan, followed in their footsteps. Nicole lived in San Diego, and her sister Angela taught science in school, which she graduated from.

From a big family was only the fourth daughter of Michael, his stepson and two grandchildren.

«They are 5 years and 3 years, and every day they ask about grandparents — said the son Ferney. I just don’t know what to say.»