The struggle of the boy with the mountain lion: shocked father saw the animal bites the head of his son

8-year-old boy from Colorado, reeling from the attack of a mountain lion (Cougar), told the news resource KUSA, as he fought off the animal with a stick.

That day, August 21, pike Carlson played with his brother in the backyard of their home in Bailey. At some point they decided to walk down the hill to talk with the neighbor. Then the boy and was attacked by a Puma.

«I just pushed her, trying to grab everything they could — said pike. I found a stick and tried to stab her in the eye, but the stick broke».

When pike was struggling with the lion, his brother gage ran for the father of Ron Carlson. When a man armed with a knife rushed to the scene, he saw that the lion was crushed son to a tree and held the boy’s head in his mouth.

In the end, Ron Carlson was able to scare off the animal.

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«Part of his face was open,» said Ron. «He was covered in blood.»

According to the office for the reserves and the wildlife in Colorado, a lion attacked Pike, was one-year-old male. He and another lion was euthanized after wildlife found them near the carcass of a goat which they killed.

The Agency reported that hair samples taken from Pike and his father were consistent with the tissue samples of the lion.

«This mountain lion male was a threat not only to human security but also to livestock and Pets,» said the management representative, mark lamb.

According to KUSA, pike had two surgeries and may need a third, to recover part of the century. Now he’s home with his family and is on the mend.