Students of the school, mutilated and strangled duck, punished with suspension from 3 football games

A group of teenagers — school students from new Hampshire — was shot on video where they beat up the duck with a broom handle, and then strangled her to death.

A few students who play for the school football team school Kennett High School in North Conway was suspended from upcoming games after a video in which at the end of August during training camps, was killed by a bird, according to news television station WMUR.

On shooting it is visible as the players lure the ducks out of the water, and then one of them gets caught on land the bird on the head. After that, the duck was strangled to death, according to the Conway Daily Sun.

«Comes a terrifying incident during which a duck hit on the head with the handle of a broom,» said senior inspector of the school district, the Kennett, Consolidated Skul distrikt Kevin Richard, adding that «she was badly mutilated».

Video killing birds was posted on the Internet, which has led to many calls to official representatives of the school from concerned people, according to the news station.

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Kevin Richard said WMUR: «both sides sound convincing point of view, and we’re trying to do the most reasonable, and remember that they are teenagers who make bad decisions and this was a regrettable mistake.»

Major David Walsh of New Hampshire Fish and Game Department — government offices in Concord, new Hampshire — said: «These pupils are minors, because they can’t be charged. Charges if they presented, their parents. All agreed that a suspension from games and community service will be an effective punishment.»

Students who were filmed suspended from a maximum of 3 football games depending on their role in the alleged torture of birds.