The dog attacked the hostess in their own home. The woman did not survive the attack

The woman died after one or both of her dogs Coon hounds tore mistress in her own house, reported in the new York city police on Monday.

Arlen Renna (67 years old) was found unconscious on the floor of her living room. A woman found her husband on Saturday at 16:00, when he returned to their home in pleasant valley, said state police.

Arlen was a victim of his injuries and died shortly thereafter. The police said that the wounds on her body were attacked by dogs.

Both Coon hounds was taken to the Dutchess County SPCA — animal shelter in Hyde Park, new York. Now their destiny will be decided by a judge, said police.

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It’s unknown how long the couple lived their hunting dogs, which, according to the American Kennel Club, «the lovely, calm and sociable». The details of what could be the reason for the attack is unclear, but the police said that they were unable to find evidence of premeditated murder.

In its sad post on Facebook the former husband of the woman John Taylor said that the woman he fell in love with in high school died on the 31st birthday of their daughter Gillian. «This is a real nightmare,» wrote John. «Arlen was the most kind, gentle, sensitive and wonderful woman, it was not the best mother, the best grandmother.»

Rennes have worked extensively in the field of society, including the work of the nurse and collaboration with non-profit organization for young parents The Center for Parents and Children, and then became a social worker. She and John were married 21 years. They had 3 children, then they divorced and re-entered into new marriages. «Everything she did, she did for others,» wrote Taylor. «People like Arlen impossible to replace, they remain forever living in our heart, and we all should learn from them to be better people, to try to be more like them.»