A 10 years old girl took video of drunk mother driving, and then called the police

And they say that parents know best for their children…

A 10 years old girl took her mom on video and then called the police to report that her mother was too drunk to operate the machine.

As KTVK reports, the incident occurred on Saturday at Glendale (Arizona) after the mother and daughter attended a session of the film «the lion King».

According to court records obtained by the news station, Stephanie Davis (31) in Glendale was arrested on suspicion in driving in an alcohol intoxication aggravated after her daughter called the police and showed the police the video of her mother driving in that time, 3 children under 15 years old was screaming, so she stopped the car.

When police arrived, they found that women smell like alcohol. In addition, it found the bruise, she had watery eyes and she was unable to speak clearly. She could not stand on his feet to such an extent that the officers were forced to support her when she walked and fell, leaving a police car.

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Stephanie, who that day took daughter and 4 year old nieces to the cinema, approved the decision of the girls to call the police and admitted that he was too drunk to drive a car after drinking that wine. «She is very brave, she acted absolutely correctly,» said Davis about his daughter. «I was in a movie and drank wine…it was very wrong, it’s so easy to make a mistake.»

In turn, the daughter of the woman said that I realized that you need to take action when she saw that her mother ignored the sign about the speed limit and was moving «very quickly». She told KTVK, «I called the police and said something like «My mother is not okay, I know she’s drunk, she’s crazy»».

Stephanie refused to take a test for alcohol intoxication on the road, so her blood sample was taken after the issuance of a warrant. She was released on personal recognizance, and is expected to appear before the court on September 23.

The woman admitted that she «sickens» your own conduct and she is incredibly grateful that no one suffered as a result of her actions.

Speaking of driving in an alcohol intoxication, she said, «Just don’t do it. Leave the wine in order to drink it at home. It’s nice when you watch movies, but it’s not worth risking someone’s life.»