30-year-old pastor of the Third Wilson, known for his work in the field of mental health, suicide

California mega-Church pastor of the Third Wilson, who spoke openly about his struggle with depression, has committed suicide Tuesday, September 10.

30-year-old pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship Church in riverside, was known to have uttered the passionate message on mental health, said senior pastor Greg Laurie.

«Third also repeatedly clashed with depression and very openly talked about his ongoing struggle, wrote on the Church blog, Lori. He wanted especially to help those who have had suicidal thoughts. Unfortunately, the Third has committed suicide.»

Wilson and his wife Julie founded the Anthem program of Hope, designed to help people dealing with depression and suicidal thoughts.

A few hours before his death, Wilson left the social networking message on this topic.

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«Love for Jesus does not always heal from suicidal thoughts, wrote Wilson on Monday. — The love of Jesus doesn’t always heal depression».

Loving Jesus doesn’t always cure suicidal thoughts.

Loving Jesus doesn’t always cure depression.

Loving Jesus doesn’t always cure PTSD.

Loving Jesus doesn’t always cure anxiety.

But that doesn’t mean Jesus doesn’t offer us companionship and comfort.

He ALWAYS does that.

— Jarrid Wilson (@JarridWilson) September 9, 2019

Wilson is survived by two sons.

«My loving, giving, kind, encouraging, beautiful, fun, willing to give the shirt went to Jesus later in the evening, wrote Julie in Instagram. — A suicide will not be the last word. I will not allow it. You always said: «Hope gets the last word. Jesus gets the last word’.