Dad killed a large iron bar raccoon, lashed out at his son

The Department of health Westchester County in new York told local residents that a raccoon that attacked 3 people, turned out to be rabid.

First, the raccoon attacked the 84-year-old woman at the corner of Halstead avenue and Madison avenue at about 14:30 on Sunday. Then he was bitten by a 75-year-old man in the same area before attacked 34-year-old man in the neighboring yard. The father of the last victim killed raccoon great iron bar and called the police.

The second victim, Frank Maida, was engaged in his garden, when he had to change his plans. «Suddenly I heard behind me a beeping similar to a scream,» he says. «I turned around and saw the raccoon. She began to approach me, and I said, «Get away from me. Get away from me.» Then he plunged his claws right into my leg. And then I began to bite. I kept hitting his leg, but he didn’t let me go».

All 3 injured are undergoing preventive treatment for rabies. «I got an injection in his right hand, shot in the left arm, 8 or 9 shots in the leg,» says Frank. «And I need to go back to the hospital to do another 3 shots».

Authorities told residents about the attack of a rabid animal and informed on how best to protect yourself in the future.

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«Be alert and watch for children and animals, walking on the street,» said Commissioner of health of new York Dr. Sherlita Amli. «If you see an animal that is aggressive, stay away and immediately contact the local police».

Experts say that the unusual behavior can be the first sign of rabies and the infected animal becomes abnormally aggressive or unusually quiet. It may lose fear of people and become excited and irritable, or Vice versa, seem very passive.

Sometimes you see an unsteady gait of the animal and foaming at the mouth.