In the lab of Russia, where the virus of smallpox, Ebola and HIV, there was a gas explosion

Yesterday, September 16, in the laboratory of the Novosibirsk region «Vector», where are the viruses, including smallpox, Ebola and HIV, there was a fire caused by gas explosion.

According to the government of the Russian Federation, the constant threat after the explosion of a gas cylinder no.

It is known that injured one person: the laboratory of burns second and third degree.

At the moment the cause of the fire was not reported, but it is known that the explosion occurred during preparation for paint work. A consequence opened a criminal case.

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Laboratory Vector, located in Koltsovo. In Soviet times there developed the disease for the development of biological warfare. This is one of two laboratories where the smallpox virus. The second such place is the American centre for disease control in Atlanta.

Now in the lab developing a vaccine against swine flu, HIV and Ebola.