In the style of the gang: the video, which the crowd brutally beat the victims to death for mobile phone, went viral

A series of videos showing attacks in the style of street gangs in downtown Minneapolis, became viral in social networks.

The Fox News first published the disturbing video. The Minneapolis police claims that the victims were brutally beaten because of mobile phones. As a result, «improbable» of the investigation, they managed to arrest 16 people with video, which is now charged with assault and robbery.

In one of the videos you can see the crowd beating the man near Twins stadium Minneapolis. At some point the attacker gain speed and jump to the victim. They ride bikes, take off your pants and beat him with a belt.

At the other victims are two young people who are hit in the face. One of them loses consciousness.

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All the videos appeared in a time when Minneapolis is trying to cope with the huge lack of police officers. In this regard, the chief of police Medaria of Arradondo asked to allocate additional funds for 400 new officers.

However, some members of the city Council of Minneapolis oppose such a solution. Instead, they propose to use the money differently, namely the rule of law and security.