The passengers of the aircraft was engulfed in a spray of blood when a woman in flight burst blister

Passengers of the plane were covered with blood spatter after the flight on the leg of one woman burst blister. In the blood after the flight were not only two men but also the walls and window of the plane.

A pair of American Airlines passengers were left covered with blood spatter after one of the passengers burst a blister on the foot. Andy Slater, host of the talk show American sports radio, revealed details of the unpleasant incident during a flight in Miami, on his Twitter.

He wrote: «a Bloody mess on my plane to Miami. The woman sitting on the aisle seat, popped a blister on his leg. Blood sprayed the whole passage, including the 2 guys in front of me, got on one of their books and the window.»

Andy then shared a photo of the book with blood stains on it, adding that the flight attendants said that after landing the plane they will meet doctors and the fire brigade.

He continued: «She sits barefoot, but prior to that, she was wearing flip-flops. I hope this quilt is going in the trash».

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Update: We landed and paramedics from @MiamiDadeFire are here.

The great flight attendant @AmericanAir explains the next steps to the woman whose blood splattered ourselves on the two men.

— Andy Slater (@AndySlater) September 18, 2019

The video, which appeared online after this incident, the flight attendant told the woman: «In connection with the rules of the United States, we need to get you 3 talked to the doctors about this blood.» He brought the passengers apology, removing them from the aircraft to the paramedics and firefighters.

Andy also shared snapshots of how far is «shot» splashes of blood, explaining that she had filled passengers, the armrests and the wall of the plane.

Update: Lots of questions about the seating arrangement and how far the blood flew.

The woman was sitting as pictured. Aisle on the left.

The blood flew onto the passengers, the armrests, and the wall on the right side of plane.

— Andy Slater (@AndySlater) September 19, 2019

One man wrote, commenting on Andy’s post: «Oh no. Torch the plane and every piece of clothing. And then a acid bath or something like that.»

Someone added: «She’s probably poking around in it, the blisters do not burst so easy to splatter all over the aisle».

Following the departure of this aircraft was delayed for 30 minutes. The representative of American Airlines, said: «For medical reasons, which happened during the flight, the team asked health workers to meet the flight 1128 upon arrival in Miami on September 18. We thank the team of American Airlines, which is taken care of our passengers during the flight.»