The guy drowned when he proposed to his girlfriend under water

Happy holiday turned into a tragedy after Steven Weber from Baton Rouge (Louisiana) drowned in Tanzania, making the offer Kenesh Antoine under water.

The pair was resting in the room with underwater bedroom. The video, which was filmed Kenesh, her boyfriend swims up to a window and presses her to him is written by hand and Packed in a waterproof package note.

It says: «I would not have enough air to tell you that I love you. But everything I love, I love every day stronger and stronger.»

Then Stephen turns the note on the other side, where it says: «Please be my wife. Will you marry me?». The guy pulls out the ring box and Kenesh laughing happily, repeating «Oh my God» — and then Steven comes up from the frame.

The guy drowned when he proposed to his girlfriend under waterFacebook. The state Department confirmed the death of Stephen, but the details are not yet known

On the surface Steven Weber never returned. The state Department confirmed that in Tanzania died an American tourist, but the details not yet reported.

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Kenesh left a touching post in Facebook, sharing videos and photos of the proposal of Stephen, who did not hear her answer.

«You were kind and sensitive. — she writes — You always made me laugh to tears and loved like no other in my life. You didn’t come back from these depths and you will never hear me say: «Yes! Yes! A million times Yes, I will marry you!». We rejoice that we will spend the remaining days together, because the best day of our lives turned into the worst because of the steep twist of fate. I’m comforted with the thought that the last few days we enjoyed life, was happy and carefree in their last moments together.

The guy drowned when he proposed to his girlfriend under waterFacebook. Kenesh and Stephen

«A couple of days before you died you said: «I have seen a few cancer patients on this trip and I suddenly realized — this is an amazing adventure that people want to do before I die. And we’re in the Prime of life. We are the lucky ones». Yes, it was. And I will carry our love through the years. I’ll find you and we’ll get married in the next life and the next, and the next… I love you so much, I will always love you».

The Council added that those who knew Stephen, confident that wherever his spirit now he gives love and joy makes people smile. Perhaps right at this moment he tells someone a story about how «royally screwed up when they made the offer and died.»