Pregnant mother watched in horror as 15-month-old baby was attacked by a huge great Dane and bit off a piece of an ear

Little Olivia was playing on the kitchen floor of her grandmother in Texas when a huge great Dane attacked the child and bit his head to grab the ear piece. Pregnant mother in horror rushed to the child, and ran screaming and uncle Alex, who managed to pull away from her dog.

Olivia took several operations of reconstructive plastic surgery and skin transplantation. The girl has left deep scars, and after the last time one ear will be slightly smaller than the other.

Grandma Olivia, Michelle Eling, took the great Dane Harvey from the shelter a couple of months before the incident. She blames the incident on the former owners of a dog that had been terribly cruel to him. The dog, according to her, was not suitable to a normal dog’s life, could not run and was not used to walking on the grass. Otherwise it was a nice seeking care and attention a pet.

«His former owners should be ashamed. I really hope in two months that he spent with us he learned a different life.»

Michelle loves dogs, and with heavy hearts decided that pet is put to sleep. The woman believes that there is no guarantee that the animal «once tasted blood, will not hurt anyone else».

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Brittany, Olivia’s mother, hopes that the baby will not remember this terrible attack, when I grow up. Most of the scars on his head have healed, but the ear still conjure doctor. The last operation was a week ago and was successful. The girl now began to fear other dogs, and at night often wakes up and grabs his ear — whether from pain, whether because of the nightmares.

To help the family cover the cost of treatment, the grandmother is raising funds on GoFundMe.