The child is 11 years drove the car to the middle of the night to go to the man with whom she met on the social network

A little boy from South Carolina who spent some time speaking in the social network of an adult male, stole a car and drove more than 200 miles to meet up with new friends, he told police.

Boy 11 years old, whose name investigators did not disclose a Sunday night stole a car from his brother and went from Simpsonville in South Carolina – located in the North-Eastern part of the state up to the port city of Charleston, South Carolina, reports The Associated Press.

He was going to meet with a man, which communicated with a mobile app that automatically deletes messages.

But after 3 hours the boy is lost and on Monday morning was forced to ask police in a parked car how to get to the destination, said the representative of police of Charleston, Charles Francis. The police explained that the tablet of the boy, where they were given the coordinates to the house of the mysterious man lost the GPS signal.

The police, of course, interested in why 11-year-old child rides in a car at night alone.

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Fortunately, the police were able to contact the boy’s father and his family came a long way to pick it up. Worried about the boy’s father, whose name also was not called, was just trying to report the disappearance of his son, when he was contacted by a police officer from Charleston, said Francis.

He also noted that the specialists currently engaged in the study of the tablet of a child.

The police of Charleston encourages all parents to teach children how to safely use the Internet, offering advice from the attorney General of South Carolina. It is wise not to criticize the use of child Internet as well as to discuss the risks of meeting strangers with whom the child has met online.