The girl was horrified when she woke up and found in bed with a naked stranger penetrated into her apartment to take a shower

On Saturday, around 6 a.m., the police of Bloomington, Indiana was called to an apartment complex on North Walnut Street after callers reported a Nude man in her home.

When officers arrived, they heard someone behind the fence near the front door. Police said they shone on the boom and the man later identified as Cory Goodnight, pulled the head and said something like «They let me in».

The police said that the man was a windbreaker with a hood, jeans and brown shoes. He also had a large backpack. He told police that went to Bloomington from Brooklyn, Indiana. Last night he arrived in the city at about 21:00 and then fell asleep on the grass near the Motel 8. He claimed that he woke up and started knocking on doors nearby residential complex and ask to take a shower. Goodnight said that the high tanned brunette solid build let him in and allowed to take a shower. He told the officers that he had taken a shower, and then she asked him to leave the apartment. He got dressed and left.

Indiana woman wakes up to find naked man in bed with her, police say

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When officers talked to the girls living in the apartment, he heard a very different story. One of the women said she slept in bed, when I woke up and found a naked man rubs her arms, back and lower region. She was frightened and asked the man who he is, what he supposedly said something like «I’m Corey. You let me in».

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She quickly ran out of the room, I woke up my roommate and called the police. Women hid in the room for the second girl, and remained there until the police arrive. The officers told the girls that they had arrested the man, and he claims that the apartment let him in, and allowed to take a shower. Girls and the police together, checked the bathroom and found the shower’s wet, the floor is full of water and someone used toiletries. They also found a leather wallet with documents in the name of Goodnight.

Police again went to talk with Goodnight, read him his rights and ask them to repeat their story. Then they drew man’s attention to inconsistencies in his story compared to the version girls. But, Goodnight insisted that he let the girl, though her description did not match the appearance of any of the girls in the apartment.

Goodnight was arrested and taken to jail Monroe County Jail. He was charged with violent acts of a sexual nature and the entry to the home.