The girl of 5 years was able to escape from the coyote who is chasing her in the yard (video)

The girl of 5 years was able to escape from the coyote that chased her in the front yard of her house in the village of Villa Park in Illinois, and the whole chase is caught on video.

Christine Przybylski just got out of the house to check your mailbox and to know that her Halloween costume. Surveillance cameras show how a coyote lurking nearby, but Christine could not see him.

The costume is still not sent, because the girl returned home, but went directly into the house. «I decided to take a ride on the swing,» explains Christine. «When I went to the swings, he ran out, and I said something like «Oh my God»».

The coyote crossed the front yard, ran around the tree, and ran straight to the girl. He ran up so close that I could touch her. «I felt his ear,» she said. «He almost touched my ribs.»

«We heard a scream,» — said the girl’s mother Elizabeth Przybylski. «She ran in, telling this incredible story».

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«I screamed, «Mom! Mom! I saw it! I saw a coyote!»- adds Christine.

Her parents watched video from surveillance cameras and saw that the girl told everything as was. «He actually chased her, and I am very glad that she managed to escape,» says Elizabeth.

Experts note that, like domestic dogs, coyotes test how far you can go in relations with people and learn from this experience. Bold coyote is not necessarily an aggressive coyote, but he had a certain fear of people.

The woman promised that Christine will not play in the yard alone in the near future.

The neighbors who live down the street, I believe that coyotes can live in a nearby wooded area. They say that often I hear how they fight and scream at night. Now, after a coyote approached a neighbor girl, they plan to contact local authorities.