Mother to lay off teachers, cut off schoolgirl’s hair, which she played

Teacher cut student hair as punishment, and now the mother is «scared and ashamed» a girl needs to fire a man, that he was no longer able to do so with children.

The child’s mother calls to refuse to work with the children and the teacher, who, in her words, grabbed her daughter and cut her hair when she ceased to play with them. «I don’t want this man anywhere near my child,» he told WMUR-TV the girl’s mother Gillian Miglionico after the incident.

The teacher of Somersworth, new Hampshire, whose name was not revealed, first told the girl to stop playing with your hair. «She didn’t, and he threatened her, «Then if you don’t stop playing with my hair, I will cut them off»»,- the woman told news stations. «She said something like «No, You can’t do that» to which the teacher replied «Oh, yeah? See»».

When he grabbed the girl and scissors, and then cut off a lock of her hair about 8 cm, said Gillian.

The principal of the school about the incident said the teacher’s assistant. In turn, the Director called Gillian. «About the incident even said not my daughter, because she was scared and ashamed,» outraged mother.

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After the incident, the teacher and the student again engaged in the same class, but the girl’s mother unhappy. «They brought her in his class, and that is the almost complete lack of respect for it,» she told WMUR.

In the office of the senior inspector on the school district stated that it was investigating the incident.

«She had to be protected and fenced off from it a folder of entries in mathematics. It could happen anywhere,» said the girl’s mother station KTRK-TV. «If You’re going to do so with a high school student, I don’t think You can be around and teach high school students», she added.