The veteran received terrible burns and wounds, but was able to save 3-year-old granddaughter after an explosion in their house

Don O Steen – the real hero. He not only received a Purple heart during his service in the army, but saved his 3-year-old granddaughter, when exploded their home.

Don and his granddaughter Peyton had lunch on September 19. As told KFOR the don’s son Brandon, during dinner, his father lit a candle near the stove, which was about 30 feet from the front door. Arrived on-call firefighters believe the house was a gas leak that no one knew, with the result that the house exploded after a few seconds, but the investigation is still ongoing.

As reported by KFOR, grandpa girl received severe burns more body parts, he had broken ribs and was denied a lung because of a fire. But, despite such terrible injuries, don was able to pull my 3-year-old granddaughter from under her collapsed roof. He then carried her out of the house and carried a quarter of a mile down the road to protect the girl.

Brendon Osteen Geplaatst door op Dinsdag 24 september 2019

Brandon said: «He got out of the house and went where he knew he could get help. He tried to climb into the car but the keys were melted by the fire. His phone exploded in his pocket. He just remembered the steep slope of the road and came to the conclusion that I will be able to go down that slope».

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Peyton’s getting better, and dawn has died from his injuries on September 23.

Geplaatst door Brendon Osteen op Zondag 22 september 2019

Brandon wrote on the page in Facebook that his father was a devout man, died as a hero:

Unfortunately, my father don O Steen died about an hour a day. He was surrounded by a large company of people who love him for his last 5 days. He knew he did, when he saved the life of his granddaughter. He loved her very much. And he did all that she lived on. He was a wonderful godly man that has influenced so many people. And it will be sorely missed. My father was a believer. He believed he should do everything possible to live according to the precepts of Jesus Christ, and with this thought he woke up every day. He lived according to the precepts of Christ and gave his life for the sake of my daughter like it. He gets to heaven, and I hope that this will allow all of you who knew and loved him, to come to terms with his departure.

Rest in peace, dad. You’re a hero.

Now, as told Brandon, he hopes that his dad will be the angel Peyton, and he is sure that she will grow as strong as he was. Brandon is already seeing signs of this, until she recovers.