Grief in the family of famous rapper: dead newborn grandson Snoop Dogg, who was only 10 days

The grandson of a famous American rap artist Snoop Dogg , died 25 September — 10 days after his birth.

Thursday, September 26, the son of rapper and the baby’s father, 25-year-old Corde Broadus, spoke about the tragedy on social networks, posting a heartbreaking video from his dead son. The record shows, as a mother holds a dead baby, and his little sister Eleven gently kisses him. In the post KORD wrote: «9/15/19 — 9/25/19».

In the background, hear other people crying and talking with the girl and the dead baby.

«He died in my hands, and this feeling of energy will never leave me. Kai wants you all to know that he is okay and wants to continue to inspire, wrote Cor. My son Kai was brought into this world so much love and positivity. His energy will live on, and the 10 days of love will always be special to us. Let’s cherish life and those we love while we’re here. Thank you.»

In addition to her daughter Eleven, the Cord is the eldest son of Zion.

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Snoop Dogg, whose real name is Calvin Broadus Cordozar Jr., did not personally commented on the tragic events, but his wife Shante put in the social network sulfimide in which she sings through tears song The Love We Had Stays On My Mind. This post it dedicated to Kai.

Himself rapper shortly after became aware of this news, released a video in which he said that we need to trust God.

The family were not informed about the cause of death of the baby.