The brave teenager died saving a 5-year-old sister from a burglar who broke into the house

A brave teenager from Port Charlotte (Florida) died saving 5-year-old sister from a burglar who entered the house. The suspect in his murder, 27-year-old Ryan Cole found nearby with wounds to the hands.

The tragedy occurred on 26 September, at about 16:30 when Skyler Edman, 15, was Babysitting for her sister.

Police arrived to a call about a suspicious man with stab wounds seen in the area where the teenager lived. Deciding to check received shortly after reports of several attempted robberies, and noting that in one of the houses knocked the door, officers went inside and found the body of the And. Soon afterwards managed to detain Cole.

«We believe that the teenager tried to protect his home and sister from a burglar and there was a fierce fight. — said the chief of police of Charlotte County bill Brammell — <…> the Boy died on the spot from the received wounds».

The brave teenager died saving a 5-year-old sister from a burglar who broke into the houseGoFundMe.

According to the Sheriff, the suspect was a drug problem. According to BuzzFeed, Cole was also arrested more than 20 times since 2011.

According to relatives, And loved fishing, walks and bike rides. He hoped to join the U.S. army after graduation and was a real «angel» for his sister, which doted. Online obituarie his relatives wrote that Edman «will forever remain a beloved older brother to his brothers and sisters.»

«He was a kind, loving and caring. Many will miss him».

The family created a campaign on GoFundMe to raise money for the boy’s funeral. 4 days for family members And has donated $73 thousand

«Ahead of my son’s was a long life, wrote the boy’s mother and he was taken from us too soon.»