The unfortunate bride fell with a crash on the floor when guests lifted her on the chair

Unlucky for the bride’s big day is over the real fall from the pedestal — and that is no metaphor.

In the video, published by one of the members of the Reddit group Wellthatsucks, the crowd of guests raises a happy bride sitting on a chair in the air. Unlike her husband, who prudently held her chair, she holds his hands high in the air — and events take an unexpected and not too pleasant turn.

Could not help the bride with a crash falls on the floor. The girl immediately starts a tantrum: she is surrounded by concerned friends and relatives. The newly-made husband, whose «flight» has passed much more successfully, also goes down to make sure that she was okay.

FYI…the bride wasn’t injured… from r/Wellthatsucks

The guest who posted the video, hastened to reassure users, saying that «the bride was not injured,» and now feels fine.

«Generally speaking, — he added — the real star of the dance floor at this wedding was the boy who carried the ring.»

It is hoped that at least he didn’t fall.