The answer is no: 8-year-old boy and 4-year-old girl found hanged in the basement of the house

Police still have no answers about what happened in the basement in Berks County (Pennsylvania) on September 23.

There 36-year-old Lisa Rachel Snyder have found their children hanging in the basement. Died – 8-year-old Connor and 4-year-old Brinly.

Snyder immediately called 911, and the paramedics managed to resuscitate children. However, in the hospital three days later, he was diagnosed with brain death and children was taken off life-support machines.

An autopsy last week for some reason has not brought results, the coroner said that it is necessary to conduct a forensic examination. Police are still investigating, no arrests not yet made.

It is known that children were hanged on wires, and next to them was an overturned chairs.

Cathleen palm, founder of the Center for Children’s Justice, said that, according to the state Department of social services, brother and sister had previously received «protective services».

According to palm, these services are provided in cases where there is concern about the welfare of a child.

District attorney John T. Adams said it is too early to disclose any information to the public.

The search warrant indicated that police questioned the children’s mother and the eldest, 17-year-old. About the father of the victims is not known.

According to preliminary information, investigators during the search were seized from the house where the tragedy occurred, all the gadgets.

The Prosecutor’s office of Berks County has not yet responded to the request of journalists about the review.