A thief stole a gym bag, unaware that it is teeming with live snakes

A thief who stole a breeder of reptiles from California gym bag, must be very surprised when I opened it, and found it literally crawling with live snakes.

Breeders of reptiles Brian Grundy left the bag, which was 4 Python-an albino man and a 28-inch lizard when you were rearranging the car, ending an informative, educational presentation with animals.

Gym bag, which contained reptiles, stolen from the Parking lot at the public library Martin Luther King Jr Library in Campbell, California within 90 seconds after Brian stopped the car in the Parking lot across the street. Grande, who owns a company called For Goodness Snakes, now fears for the welfare of their Pets that will not live long without special cages with climate control. He told NBC Bay Area: «for about 45-90 seconds as I parked in the lot, someone took my gym bag. Disappointing and sad to think there are people who seek out things to steal».

Grandi decided to ask directly to the one who stole his bag with a request to return reptiles. He assured that the thief can do it without a single question from his side and without fear that he will submit a statement to the police if the man returns the bag without hurting the snakes and lizard.

Librarian retired Katie Boyd, who helped in the organization of the show Grundy in the library, said that the local kids love to hang out with the snakes and lizard. She explained: «the Kids are excited to see the snakes and touch them. It helps them to forget about your fear, it’s a great idea».

Grundy, for many years attached to the reptiles and separates them even in your own home. He drove the Pets to schools and libraries after the appropriate prompts.