Girls tried to catch the man red-handed with an underage girl, but one of them was kidnapped

The police said that a teenage girl from California, kidnapped after she and her friends tried to provoke the man to give up his desire to enter into an intimate relationship with a minor.

A group of teenage girls used social media to contact an adult male who was allegedly looking for intimate encounters with underage girls, as explained in their statement, the representatives of the County Sheriff’s office San Diego.

The girls bartered with the man text messages and agreed to meet on Sunday near the Starbucks in the city of Vista. Arriving at the meeting place, the man convinced the girl of 17 years to sit in his car to talk, and then with her left in an unknown direction, reported the law enforcement officials.

The girl was able to write a message to their friends, who contacted police. Sheriff’s deputies called Robert Dreyfus (32 years) and he stopped the car. The girl ran away, and police arrested Dreyfus at a later time. Now Robert Dreyfus charged with kidnapping and related offenses. Sheriff’s deputies said that Dreyfus drove a few miles without getting the permission of the teenager. At that time it was not reported whether he has a lawyer.

On Monday, the Sheriff’s office said that apparently, the teenager and men not previously been in a relationship before, only exchanged text messages. The girl was not injured.

In his statement to the Sheriff’s office added: «the Sheriff’s Office strongly encourages the public to arrange a meeting or to contact with someone to catch the person who commits the crime. A similar situation can be incredibly dangerous and should be performed by your local police.»