Young father killed one year old daughter redeems her in such a hot bath that she had started to lose my skin

In Arkansas sentenced 21-year-old Derek Shockley, who killed his 13-month-old daughter by placing her in scalding hot bath.

The investigators found that in December last year in Jacksonville (Arkansas) Shockley plunged year-old Germany Amariah in the water, the temperature of which reached 153F (67C).

153F: Arkansas father dunks 13 month old baby in scalding hot water after pooping on herself -dies #Germanii Amarii Stewart #Derek Anthony Shockley #Derek Shockley

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It is not known who called the police, but when police arrived, they saw that the girl was «writhing in pain» and her body began to go skin. Two-thirds of the body of the baby was burned.

Germany Amariah died from septic shock and Multisystem organ failure two days after Christmas after spending nine days in the Arkansas children’s hospital.

Shockley claimed that he was washing his daughter with soap in the shower after she got dirty, then I wrapped it with a towel, and when he began to wipe, I saw that her skin suddenly began to «fall from her body», but investigators proved that the child was in a scalding hot bath.

On Monday, Derek Shockley was sentenced to 30 years in prison for first-degree murder.

Originally he was to be tried for second-degree murder, but prosecutors brought the charges to more serious criminal offence.

Shockley will also serve an additional 10-year prison sentence for shooting a man and beating up his sister during a row over money.

The guy pleaded guilty in October 2018 shot a friend of his, Hayden Andrew Sawardo — in the stomach and attacked a 22-year-old sister of Seward.