In front of the shocked witnesses hundreds of birds rushed to the building of the NASCAR Hall of Fame. A third died on the spot

The woman took video of the terrible scene that took place in Charlotte, North Carolina, on Tuesday evening, during which hundreds of birds crashed into the building of the Museum NASCAR Hall of fame, died on the spot.

NASCAR hall of fame honors the drivers who have shown excellent art in the management of NASCAR.

Hall Belle shared a video on his page on Facebook, noting that the incident reminded her of a scene from the film. «Oh my God, look at them all,» says the woman in the video, while the bodies of birds lying around the entrance to the Museum building.

In the video, bell talks to a woman who said she works in this building. She explains that birds crash into the building within an hour.

«There’s something wrong,» says Belle. «It’s not right.»

Police in Charlotte Mecklenburg reportedly answered the call to the building on Tuesday evening to begin to remove the birds.

«Yes, I feel like right now, started the end of the world» — says an employee of the building. «Yeah, like it all begins here. It all starts here,» answers Belle.

As have informed in service of rescue animals in North Carolina, Carolina Waterfowl Rescue, as a whole 310 birds crashed into the building of the NASCAR Hall of Fame on Tuesday evening. They said that when they arrived, about a third of the birds were dead, ten had to be put down, 100 were seriously injured — they had broken wings, legs and there was other damage, and another third was stunned and they are expected to be released in the coming days.

CWR organizers are asking the public to help them. «We really need help feeding the birds, and tomorrow (Wednesday) we will post messages about finding volunteers. They all need to feed manually. I don’t know how we going to do this, but it would be the desire and ability there. Tonight we just need to get some sleep,» said night at Carolina Waterfowl Rescue.

Media reported that according to preliminary information that could prevent the birds during the nesting season, which they began to descend on the building. It is unknown whether this is so or that could interfere with the birds.