As for the destination: the driver miraculously survived after a terrible accident

The driver miraculously survived an incredible car accident.

If you’ve seen the acclaimed film destination, then you know that you can die very sudden and terrible manner. While many of these options of death is only possible in the movies, just look at a car accident in Georgia. The driver survived miraculously and escaped with not serious injuries, having driven in a truck loaded with logs.

As reported by CNN, the guy bent down to get something in the car, right before hitting the truck. The head of the fire brigade of the County of Whitfield Georgia Edward O’brien said that dozens of logs quickly punched a hole just at the place where the driver’s head, allowing him not only to survive, but to only minor injuries.

Advanced Extrication on Cleveland Hwy this morning. Great job guys! Patient had only minor injuries.

Geplaatst door Whitfield County Fire op Vrijdag 11 oktober 2019

Edward O’brien commented on the incident: «It felt as if the logs had been that way to get in his head.»

Firefighters were called to help rescue the man from the car, but first they had to cut 30 to 40 logs to get to him. After they got rid of all the logs blocking the path to the driver, took them about 15 minutes to safely get out of the truck.

If you go into the details, if you watched destination 2, this scene became the cause of death of the main character. The car in which she was crashed into a truck in which there were sharp PVC pipe, one of which struck her seat. And when the firefighters tried to pull her out of the car (because the door was damaged), they activated the airbag, causing her head leaned back and ran into the pipe.

Fortunately for this guy, none of this took place with him, and now he’s going to have quite an interesting story to tell at the bar.