A police officer beat and twisted hands with a man, confined to a hospital bed

Deputy Sheriff of Broward County (Florida) was fired after he hit the man, who was handcuffed to a hospital bed.

24-year-old Jorge Sobrino was removed from office after an investigation conducted by the office of internal Affairs of the Sheriff’s office.

Sobrino came to the recording of security cameras when he beat the suspect, David O’connell and twisted his arm behind his back, when the man was handcuffed to the bed in the hospital.

A police officer beat and twisted hands with a man, confined to a hospital bedPhoto: Broward County Sheriff Office

O’connell previously staged a fight in a supermarket, after which he was taken to the hospital and chained to his bed.

In his arrest report Sobrino claimed that he hit the suspect after he pushed him in the chest, but the recording has not confirmed his words.

An internal investigation found that Sobrino had violated several rules of the Sheriff’s office Broward County.

«I could not support the disciplinary sanction of 30 days suspension. We cannot allow even such isolated incidents have cast a shadow on the reputation of our hundred employees. We will not abide such actions, said Wednesday at a press conference, the Sheriff Gregory Tony. – When I took this job, I took full responsibility. It is important that the public understand: we will be open and transparent, we will not hush up these incidents.»

Jeff bell, President of the Association of the assistants of the sheriffs of the County, said the Union is disappointed with the decision to dismiss Sobrino.

He noted that two captains, two lieutenants and a Sergeant testified under oath in which said Jorge Sobrino acted within the instructions for the use of force.