Around the house there was blood: the American died at home after it killed two pet great Dane

49-year-old Mary Matthews of Waynesville (Ohio) was killed one or two dogs in her house, said a spokesman for the coroner’s office Warren County.

The woman was found by her husband, mark, Matthews soon after he was released from prison on Friday, 1 November, said Doyle Burke, chief investigator in the coroner’s office.

Her husband and son found a dead body in the bathroom on the first floor, where were traces of blood, including on the couches and walls. «Two more, but the skinny Dane» which was saved about two years ago, were on the terrace.

«The terrace was littered with dog excrement to such an extent that in fact you cannot see the floor,» — said in the report.

Police said that Matthews had cuts and bite marks on her legs, and, according to WLWT on her upper left ankle was missing «piece of meat».

«She just died from blood loss from the bites,» said Burke.

Officers found blood on towels and clothes soaked in blood, and I think that she was trying «to cope with the situation alone», and not to call for help.

Matthews allegedly suffered from chronic alcohol and took prescription drugs that could affect her decision.

«Because of this history it is believed that (Mary Matthews), may not have been in his right mind to judge the seriousness of her situation, and was therefore unable to call for help,» reads the police report.

According to Burke, the dog was known to police and the warden.

«They’ve bit the victim before, he said. — It is known that these dogs are aggressive.»

It is not known exactly when the attack occurred, because mark Matthews was in prison Wednesday, October 30. The police yet does not inform on the fate of dogs.