Hand with a wedding ring found in stomach of tiger shark belongs to the missing men

In the intestine of a tiger shark was found a man’s hand. Thanks to the wedding ring, it became known that it belongs to the missing Scotsman.

44-year-old man left his wife for a few minutes to swim while they were vacationing on the island of reunion near Madagascar, but never returned.

«Lots of helicopters, lots of planes, swimmers and boats went in search of a guy in the ocean, but could not find it within a few days,» said a local resident of Madagascar Eric Quelquejeu BBC.

It is not known whether all of the victim’s body was swallowed by a giant fish. Also, it was unclear whether the unidentified man killed by tiger shark, was he already dead when the creature found his hand in the southern part of Africa.

Quelquejeu said that shark attacks are not uncommon in réunion, where swimmers are advised to stick to beaches that are protected by natural barriers such as coral, which deter predators. Along the beach there are also signs warning people about the dangers.

In 2013, the reunion has banned water sports at most of its beaches after shark attacks on people. Tiger sharks are common in the area, along with bull and great white sharks.

According to National Geographic, tiger sharks reach a length of 14 feet (4 m) and weigh up to 1,400 pounds (635 kg).