On video mother beat up a young son at school and threatened to «smash his face» during a dispute with the teacher

In the eerie video, filmed by eyewitnesses, the mother of the beaumont (TX) beat his 7-year-old son with a belt because of the altercation with the teacher and threatened to «smash his face». For the events watched in silence, two employees of the school, not even trying to intervene.

The recording begins with a conversation, a woman with one of the school staff. Promising to «kick» the son of «ass», she goes in search of the child, and soon drags out of the building by the collar. She then begins to beat the boy with a belt. Nearby are two other adults, but do not attempt to stop her.

«I’m sorry,» repeats the boy, while the mother continues to beat him.

«This happens again? she asks then — No? Because if I have to come back, then you’re a dead n***er. If that damn woman will be calling me again and I’ll break your g**his face, okay?»

«Yes, mother,» replied the boy, sobbing.

Although to date a complete record of the incident has already deleted, the video had more than 50 thousand people.

The child protection service and Independent school district beaumont confirmed that they are investigating the incident.