Mother moved to death 2-year-old son during a test drive of the car

Boy 2 years old was struck and killed mother when on Tuesday evening they with the grandmother of the child tested family SUV, driving around the yard of their home in plant city, Florida, USA, then to repair the machine.

As reported in the Sheriff’s office of Hillsborough County, the child was run over by a car shortly after 17:00.

The representative of Sheriff’s office Hillsboro crystal Clark said: «we Need to be very careful when in your backyard there are children and working machine». Crystal Clark added that the mother and the boy’s grandmother told deputies that they were conducting a test-drive family cars Chevrolet Blazer, which has recently had problems with the transmission.

As reported by news outlet WFLA, while riding around the yard the mother of the child noticed the family dog on the street and realized that her child probably opened the house door and went out with the dog.

«Women are told that a left child and a dog inside the house. But 2-year-olds are sometimes able to open doors independently. So when they saw a dog on the street, I thought that the child probably also in the yard,» said Clark.

During testing of the SUV on a private road leading to the house, the car began to slip. The mother of the child stepped back, then forward, then back again. Shortly after this woman found the boy on the ground in front of the car.

Ambulance staff did everything possible to save the child, but his injuries were too severe. Child as soon as possible taken by helicopter to the hospital, Tampa General Hospital, where doctors had to admit his death. «We condole with the family and all who knew the little boy,» said Clark.

The investigation into the incident continues.

It is unclear whether the mother filed any charges.