More than 100 Mormons fled from Mexico to the United States after the cartel shot 3 mothers and 6 children

More than 100 Mormons living in Northern Mexico, fled from their old settlement in the United States after the bloodshed last week, which killed 3 mothers and 6 children.

A mass escape of people in the Northern state of Sonora occurred on the same day the community buried the latest victims, who were murdered by the cartels on 4 November.

Most people gathered in their cars all I could and crossed the border without any plans to return.

«I went there to pick up his mother and his family, his brothers and sisters and many children, said Sunday Mike Hafen from the house of his sister in Phoenix. — They’ve been there 47 years. They went with the minimum, all they could put in the back of his truck.»

Settlements were founded many decades ago a branch of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints who fled from the US after the ban of the Church on polygamy.

In the aftermath of a bloody attack killed six children, including 8-month-old twins, and three mothers. According to authorities, the victims were traveling in three SUVs and was ambushed.

The investigation is trying to find out whether the dead victims or not.

One of the relatives of the family believe this was a targeted attack cartels — since the ambush was three miles from the community, and even after one of the moms jumped out of the car.