The case is Jennifer Rothwell: the husband of the missing woman buy bleach before she disappeared

Husband of missing Missouri resident was seen in the video, when buying cleaning products including bleach and gloves — the day before her disappearance.

On Thursday, the 28-year-old Bo Rotella was charged with falsifying evidence in the case 28-year-old Jennifer Rothwell, a chemical engineer, which was last seen when she left her home in Creve Coeur on Tuesday, November 12, informed the police of the County of St. Louis.

The case is Jennifer Rothwell: the husband of the missing woman buy bleach before she disappearedBo Rothwell. Source: St. Louis County Jail

Bo Rothwell, who asked users Facebook about help in finding his wife, was seen on video at the time of purchase of consumables, such as bleach, carpet cleaner and gloves.

«Some of you may have already heard, but last night my wife Jennifer was gone, — he wrote. — I applied to the police, and the search continues. Please if you hear anything or you have any information,I’d appreciate it».

Investigation of missing persons in relation to Jennifer Rothwell has now been reclassified as a homicide, though her body has not been found as of early Friday, said the press-Secretary of police Tracy Panus The Post.

Officers searched her house and the wooded area between the place where Jennifer’s car was found shortly after she disappeared.

Detectives found a wet carpet, soaked with bleach, and «large areas of blood,» in the carpet and underlying pillow during a search of the home of the pair, which points to evidence of the murder, according to a press release from police.

The woman’s family is offering a reward of $25 million for information on the whereabouts of the woman.

Mother, Jennifer, Robin von Hausen, said her daughter recently moved to the area with her husband and worked at DuPont, where one of her colleagues was the first to notice her disappearance.

«The employee wrote the message and said, «Hey, how’s Jennifer?» — said the mother. — They assumed that she just didn’t come to work because of the weather or something like that.»

The investigation is ongoing.