The woman’s family that killed twin sister, begs court to release their relative home

A resident of new Jersey who struck the fatal stabbing of his twin sister during a drunken fight was sentenced to six years in prison. The inmate’s family asked me to let her go.

«It deeply hurts me, but I need to help me cope with the situation,» said 16-year-old Bianca Medina in the Supreme court of the County of Camden after her sister, 27-year-old Amanda Ramirez, was sentenced for the murder of the twins Anna.

Bianca insisted that the sisters were «inseparable» relationship despite the fact that Amanda inflicted one hit Anna in the chest after a night in Camden on June 22.

Another sister, 19-year-old Monica Medina, also appealed to the court that he took pity on Amanda because she has a two year old daughter. Anna is survived by three children.

«I hope that you will be able to see her in a different light,» said Monica.

Lawyer Ramirez, Jordan Confirmed, said that this desire is shared by the whole family.

«The sentence that you are going to impose, pales in comparison with life imprisonment, which she is already serving, said Zeitz, who stressed that postpartum depression was the cause of the attack his client. — We ask you to follow what the family wants — so she can get back to them so they can quickly be healed.»

Ramirez pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the second degree in September, claiming that she does not remember what caused the fight.

The woman’s family that killed twin sister, begs court to release their relative homeTwin sister Anna (right) and Amanda (left). Source: Facebook/Anna Ramirez

The woman cried when she addressed the court before sentencing Thursday, more asking for forgiveness from his family.

«I know that nothing I can say to justify what I did, she said. I just want to convey that I never had intent to kill my twin sister. If I could take back what I did, I would do it in an instant».

Ramirez had served five years and one month before will be eligible for parole.