Body camera police officer filmed him stroking the chest of a dead woman

Veteran police Los Angeles is under investigation after his body camera captured as he fondled the breast of a dead woman.

According to the LAPD, officer who worked in the Department in the center of the city, was immediately suspended after supervisors saw the footage.

The incident occurred when an officer with a partner responded to a call that the room may be a dead woman. The apartment was really the body of a woman and a police officer returned to the patrol car to take something there.

According to the LAPD, the accused then turned off his wearable camera and began to stroke the woman’s Breasts.

Although the officer deactivates the camera, she is recording for two minutes after turning off.

«We started an administrative investigation as soon as I heard about the incident,» — said the press-Secretary of the LAPD Josh Rubenstein. He refused to give more detailed comments.

Los Angeles Police Protective League, the Union that represents rank and file police officers, has called the incident very troubling.

«Such behavior has no place in law enforcement. Among the values of the police in particular should be respect and reverence to the deceased,» reads the statement of the Union.

The incident became known during random checks of video records of cameras of the police.

LAPD started field testing wearable cameras for officers in 2014. The Department collects about 14 000 records every day.