Hacked into the camera in the little girl’s room and introduced himself as Santa Claus

8-year-old of DeSoto County (tn) has got not the best Christmas gift, when a hacker hacked into the camera in her room and introduced Santa Claus.

As explained Alissa young journalist, she was in the living room when I heard a strange sound. Thinking that this sister plays in her room, she went inside.

On record it is audible, as the girl asks: «Who’s there?».

«I’m your best friend. says it’s a hacker — I am Santa Claus. Want to be my best friend?»

Then begins to play ominous music, and baby taken to calling mother.

«I can make a mess in the room or break the TV. continues meanwhile, the attacker — Do what you want».

The child’s parents installed a security camera to keep an eye on daughters, just 4 days before the incident. The girls ‘ mother, Ashley Lemay, recognizes that it is not activated twofactor authentication — that might have made it easier for unknown.

«These people could watch my children sleep and change clothes. the woman said They could see a variety of things. I have a feeling that this is all arranged by someone who knows us or is very close».

Ring the company who developed the camera, already issued an official statement in which it assured that it was investigating the incident and plans to take all possible measures to protect their customers.