Shooting in new Jersey that is known at the moment

The tragedy, which claimed the lives of 2 of the Hasidim, supermarket worker and police, began at the local cemetery in Jersey city, which is located on the border between the States of new Jersey and new York, but the epicenter was in the JC Kosher supermarket, which serves about 100 Jewish families.

On the record with a surveillance camera overlooking a store of Dr. Martin Luther king in Jersey city, you can see how two gunmen burst into a Jewish grocery store in Jersey city and killed three people.


Watch the Jersey City mass shooting unfold as suspects target Jewish Supermarket.

— Breaking News Feed (@pzf) December 11, 2019

It all started with the fact that the police officer noticed near the cemetery of the van, which appeared in one of the investigated by the the Department of crimes. When trying to apprehend suspects in the car, he was shot and killed. After this, the attackers went to the kosher supermarket located about a mile from the cemetery. There they opened fire from two rifles, the newspaper reported the New York Times, referring to representatives of the authorities.

More hours in the blocks surrounding the Mall, there was a loud shots. According to local residents, the town looked like a war zone — in the air circling helicopters, the streets were filled with armed police.

The result of many hours of shooting killed six people, including two attackers, a policeman and three residents of new Jersey. Silky, a man and a woman, identified as David N. Anderson, 47 years old, and Francine Graham, 50 years. They were killed on-site supermarket.

The personality of the victim of a police set — Joe Sills, a father of five children, worked in the Metropolitan police since 2006. He was promoted to detective in 2017, and has recently been appointed to the citywide division of the «ceasefire». His body was discovered in the cemetery.

Our top priority now is giving Detective Joe Seals’ family all of the love and support they need in these difficult days. We are in the process of setting up a fund for this purpose, and encourage everyone who wants to provide assistance to donate directly to the JCPOBA.

The Jersey City POBA (@JerseyCityPOBA) December 11, 2019

Identified the three dead people: Mindel Ferenc, 33, who ran together with her husband JC Kosher supermarket; Moshe Deutsch, 24, a student Rabbi who lived in Brooklyn; and Miguel Douglas Rodriguez, 49, who may have worked in the store.

I know we’ve spoken about some of the deceased but not all. If you have a moment please read this article that speaks to who they were. They were good people. Very similar to most of us with respect to their focus on community and family.

— Steven Fulop (@StevenFulop) December 12, 2019

Two more policemen and one civilian were wounded. The status of all victims is stable. The police have already been discharged from the hospital.

On the official website of the state of new Jersey PBA they tweeted live from the scene, which depicted the moment of wounding one of the police officers.

So many brave heroes on Tuesday. Here are 2 of them. A Jersey City Officer confronts the killers and is immediately shot. Sgt. Jordan Dorian abandons her cover and runs into hail of gunfire, and gets him to his feet and to safety. Courage and bravery by so many. @JerseyCityPOBA

— New Jersey State PBA (@NJSPBA) December 12, 2019

Authorities reported that one of the gunmen belonged to the movement «black Jews» and published on the Internet posts expressing their negative attitude to the police, and Jews. Link to these publications investigators do not give, referring to secrecy of the investigation.

In the van, U-Haul, which moved the suspects, police found a paper resembling a Manifesto. But according to law enforcement officers contained in their text — “incoherent” and does not contain direct instructions to attack. Police chief Kelly said that during the search of the van was discovered «an explosive device».

The mayor of Jersey city, Steven Fulop, announced that the videos obtained from surveillance cameras shows two men shooting at the detective and leave. Then they appear near to a supermarket and opened fire on JC Kosher.

The authorities regarded the crime as an act of anti-Semitism, the attack will be investigated as domestic terrorism. The chief of police of Jersey city Michael Kelly at a press conference said that the attackers acted on their own.

The police checks the connection of the attackers in Jersey city with the death of another resident of Jersey city, who on Saturday night was found beaten to death in the trunk of a car in the neighbouring Bayonne.