3 year old shot his mother a few minutes after the father left a loaded gun in the car

Florida mother of four children, shot her own son after a 3 year old toddler grabbed a loaded gun that his father left under the passenger seat.

The woman was taken to hospital and is expected to recover. But it could have gone much worse, as one-year-old sister of the boy also was in the car, informed the police Sun-Sentinel.

The shooting occurred on Thursday, December 12, at about 14:00 at the Parking in the city centre in Fort Lauderdale in a few minutes after the victim’s husband got out of the car to go to the nearest store.

While the woman and her children waited in the car, the boy grabbed a loaded gun and accidentally fired at least one shot at his mother, said law enforcement agencies. It was not immediately clear where it was shot or how many shots were made.

The father reportedly has a license to own and carry weapons. The police are still investigating the incident to determine whether you presented any charges.

Shooting is one of several incidents that appeared in headlines across the country in recent months. In November, the Texas state police said that 3-year-old boy died at his home in Houston after he «gained access» to a loaded gun and pulled the trigger. In October, the 2-year-old boy in Indiana found a firearm his mother and shot himself.