Left to die: the parents left 3 children in the bathtub and fell asleep. Nine-month-old boy drowned

The boy, who was only nine months old, drowned after he was left in a tub with other such young children, while his parents slept in the other room.

Cameron Davis was found on what not reacting to his family home in Florida around 11:30 Friday, he told police. His mother, 29-year-old Heather Clifford, left him with other children aged 2 and 3 years in 20 minutes while the tub filled.

Then she fell asleep in the next room.

Find Cameron’s face down in the water and bruised, she called an ambulance, which instructed the father of Sean Davis (30 years), how to conduct cardiopulmonary resuscitation before arrival of physicians.

During the incident, Sean is sleeping in the other room.

Doctors are unable to return the boy to life, and the nearest hospital doctors pronounced him dead.

Clifford wrote in a Facebook post, saying that Cameron was «angel» and that she «can’t live without him.» «It’s like a nightmare from which I cannot awake,» wrote she.

Representatives of the County Sheriff’s office Martin confirmed that the other 2 children were taken away from their parents ‘ custody. They added that in the past employees of the Sheriff’s office came to the house at least 3 times, once to help the Florida Department of Children and Families. Also, the neighbor pair has recently encountered a health service children, because the eldest 2 children were on the street in very light clothing, while Davis and Clifford were sleeping inside, and Cameron was screaming.

Davis has in the past been arrested for, among other things, careless driving, violation of parole, physical abuse. Clifford was also arrested for physical abuse, providing false information to pawnbroker, and so on.

The Martin County Sheriff William Snyder told about the death of a child: «It’s very suspicious, this could have been avoided and we will consult with the district attorney’s office about the possibility of filing criminal charges.»

He continued: «It’s a sad situation. It’s awful. It’s nine-month-old child. It’s Christmas. Such cases are the most difficult for our detectives.»

Assigned the autopsy to establish the official cause of death of Cameron.

The Sheriff’s office said that investigators will «work closely with the district attorney’s office to establish whether charged with one or both parents».