The girl went missing on a first date. 25 years later there are no leads in this story

1 July 1995 Erin Marie Gilbert first went to the Forest fair in Girdwood (Alaska). Since then, the fate of 24-year-old girls know nothing.

Stephanie Gilbert Juarez remembers the last time she saw her younger sister.

She told Dateline that Erin lived with her, her husband and two young children at a military air base joint base Elmendorf.

«My husband traveled a lot for work, and I invited my sister to come live with me in Alaska, said Stephanie. Prior to that, she lived in San Francisco with his father.»

Erin worked as a nanny in the family that knew her sister.

1 July 1995 Erin going on a date with David «Dave» Combs is involved, the guy a few days ago, I met in a local bar.

«We met him when he came to the house, — said Stephanie. I remember when my husband asked him to remove sunglasses. I think he wanted a good look at him».

Eldest nephew Erin then said, «Aunt Erin, you need to bring a cell phone» and she said «No, all right.»

The girl went missing on a first date. 25 years later there are no leads in this storyPhoto: Facebook/FindingErinMarieGilbert

Erin and Dave went to the forest fair in Girdwood, about an hour drive from Elmendorf.

According to the testimony of Dave combs in the evening after the fair they went to his car, but she wouldn’t start. He told Erin that I would go to a neighbor’s house for help, but in the dark couldn’t find the house. When he returned to the car, Erin was no longer there.

The guy said that he thought that Erin went back to the fair. When he tried to start the car again, it worked. He stated that he returned to the fair and looked for Erin up in the morning.

«He didn’t tell anyone that she was missing until she called me at about 7 a.m.,» said Stephanie.

The soldiers of the state of Alaska conducted a thorough search with dogs and helicopters but found no trace of Erin.

Lieutenant Randy Mcferron, which is the only investigator in the local Department to investigate «cold cases», told Dateline that they did not receive any reports for several years, but added that it would follow up any leads.

He noted that Dave Combs has never been a suspect, but he wants to talk to him again.

«It’s not the end until we find her,» said the Lieutenant.

Stephanie created a page in Facebook — FindingErinMarieGilbert where people can follow the case or to leave messages.

Erin today would be 48.

Anyone with information about the case is asked to call the authorities on 907-428-7200 or Lieutenant Macferran number: 907-269-5611.