A man broke into the police station, put on the form and stated that he would work in the police

On Tuesday, around 20:10, 28-year-old Brooklyn resident Baruch Ezagui rushed to the police station.

He took from a locker a form, put it on and said that will now work in the police Department of new York. The bully was charged with trespassing, possession of drugs, theft of property, and that he was impersonating a law enforcement officer. The court ordered the man to pay the penalty in 10 thousand dollars.

According to the authorities, Ezagui managed to get to the station, where he found the locker of a female officer. From there he took the female form and put them on. When the man discovered the police, Ezagui stated that he worked at police headquarters in Lower Manhattan. «I was promoted to detective!» he said the policeman.

In addition, the day before the incident in the plot, Ezagui accused of criminal contempt of court order for violation of the order. He knocked on the door of the victim and screamed «Order me some food!»

The bully has many previous arrests. He raised a considerable number of charges, including burglary, assault, drug use, petty theft and disorderly conduct. According to reports, five of these cases are still pending in court.