New earthquake in Puerto Rico: aftershocks of magnitude 6.5 has destroyed homes and attractions

On the island of Puerto Rico on Tuesday, January 7, there was an earthquake by force 6,5 points.

An earthquake hit Puerto Rico before dawn, triggering small landslides. The result of the tremors occurred interruptions in the supply of electricity, and collapsed houses and a famous tourist attraction — the famous stone arch of Punta Ventana.

It was one of the strongest earthquakes that occurred in the U.S. over the last week.

The news came a day after an earthquake of magnitude 5,8 points and subsequent tremors in the force 5,1 points that hit the United States.

The mayor of Guanica Santos Seda told the Associated Press that it collapsed five houses, but only one of them was inhabited. About injuries was not reported. According to him, another 29 homes were severely damaged and are on the verge of destruction.

Wow💔🇵🇷 just wow dude this fucking hurts me like for real! Something beautiful was taken from Puerto Rico today because of an earthquake of a 5.80 💔😢

Puerto Rico knows how important this place was to us😢🇵🇷💔😭

— Papi Siy Siy🇵🇷 (@xSiyy_) January 6, 2020

Dozens of people in the area called Knope in Guánica was shocked by the magnitude of the latest earthquakes, trying to calm the children who had to open gifts on three kings Day — Catholic feast — on the streets and sidewalks.

«This is hell,’ said 43-year-old albert Rodriguez, whose house is half-collapsed. — We did not sleep… it is impossible to stay calm. Guanica is no longer a safe place.»

In Puerto Rico there is no public warning system for earthquakes, with the exception of sirens, which should ring in case of tsunami. Residents of the area criticized the government for inaction.

Destructions of what the 6.6 earthquake brought to the south of Puerto Rico. we are scared.

— rob 🎄 (@rosesweave) January 7, 2020

One of the largest and most destructive earthquake in Puerto Rico occurred in October 1918, when near the North-Western coast of the island has been a 7.3 magnitude earthquake, causing a tsunami and killing 116 people.