Lady driver lost control and «dived» on the SUV right in a public swimming pool (photo)

Amazing and unusual sight appeared before my eyes, it seems, accustomed to the residents of Florida on Saturday. Out of the water in a public pool in Tampa stuck… gray SUV.

As reported by law enforcement, a resident of the sunshine state, who was driving, managed to stay unharmed, but not without penalty after she lost control of the SUV and crashed into a public pool.

As reported by the highway patrol of Florida, 56-year-old Audrey Bullitt-Reeves were able to get out of the partially submerged Mazda CX-9 – the woman climbed through the rear window.

The patrol has published pictures of the SUV sticking out of the pool. The front of the car was submerged in water.

Pasco: No injuries after driver loses control and drives into a community pool off of Old County Road 54.

— FHP Tampa (@FHPTampa) January 4, 2020

According to local media reports, the accident occurred around 9:40 a.m. at the Travco Court. The SUV seems to be «jumped» to the side, moved through the bushes and a small fence and plunged into the pool on Old County Road 54.

About injuries was not reported. It is unclear why the bullet-Reeves lost control of the vehicle. Woman fined for unsafe driving. It is known that in the time of the accident on the bullet-Reeves was the seat belt.

Pictures of the half submerged car provoked a lively discussion in social networks.

«Good, she needs to pay for the cleaning of the pool from chemicals. No one wants to swim in fluid,» wrote one commenter.

«I live in Florida and this is typical for local drivers. Perhaps they can also get the option of removing turn signal on their cars because they still don’t use them,» wrote another.