Unknown beat blindness of a baby possum on the Golf course

The baby opossum was found beaten to blindness of the Golf course in Hilton head in South Carolina.

According to Wendy Watson, President of the center for rehabilitation of wildlife in Greenville, the possum (girl called Scarlett), jaw was broken, one eye knocked out and another badly damaged. Was a large wound on his throat.

«Apparently, she was beaten with a Golf club,» added Watson.

Scarlett less than a year, she weighs only two pounds, she still have baby teeth. Volunteers from the nonprofit organization for the rehabilitation of wild animals have Scarlett for medical assistance in Hilton head.

Unknown beat blindness of a baby possum on the Golf coursePhoto: Wildlife Rehab of Greenville

«We reported this horrific case to the Department of natural resources South Carolina (SCDNR), and they are investigating. Without photos or video they can’t move forward,» Watson said.

As reported by channel WJCL David Lucas, press Secretary of the SCDNR, anyone with information about the incident are urged to contact them.

In the Society for the protection of animals of the United States noted that opossums may hiss, but they’re only threatening sound. If the hiss does not help to scare off predators, opossums play dead. These animals rarely carry rabies and are not usually aggressive.

Already donated over $8,000 to help Scarlett in her recovery. According to Wendy Watson, the remaining funds will be allocated to future patients from the wild.

Now the baby possum is recovering from injuries, eating only liquid food, and receives pain medication and antibiotics. The volunteers say that Scarlett is very friendly to him, because he understands that they are trying to help her.

Injury will not allow the opossum back into the wild, so Scarlett after recovery will live in volunteers.zht