Police from Los Angeles was tragically killed helping an elderly woman cross the road

Recording from a surveillance camera captured an act of mercy detective from the County Sheriff’s office Los Angeles a few minutes before the police knocked down the car.

41-year-old amber Leist died at the intersection of Riverside Drive and Whitsett Avenue in Valley Village near North Hollywood. According to the County Sheriff’s Department Los Angeles, the officer died in the hospital.

Police from Los Angeles was tragically killed helping an elderly woman cross the roadPhoto: LASD

That day, amber was not in the service. She was driving his car when he saw an elderly woman with difficulty walking through the crosswalk and fell on it. On video it is visible that the Lamellae out of the car and ran to help the woman.

It knocks the car on the way back to his car. Yesterday, residents left flowers and candles on the sidewalk at the scene of the tragedy.

The officer left two sons, one of them serving in the Navy.

«She was an outstanding detective. She set an example by their good deeds,» — said the colleagues of the deceased.

Sometimes, no words are necessary. pic.twitter.com/YqRRRLQcVS

LA County Sheriffs (@LASDHQ) January 13, 2020

The driver of the car who hit amber Leist, remained at the scene, and the Sheriff later called the incident «an accident». According to police, the driver stopped and tried to help the detective. The investigation is ongoing, but, apparently, charges the driver will not be charged.

«I’m proud of her, told NBCLA channel a grieving father amber. – She lived and died serving others. She always knew what he was doing, she knew that one day I can sacrifice. She was strong and brave.»