The police found in a hotel dead baby, the other with a traumatic brain injury, the other three bugs in my ears

Employees of emergency services made the grisly discovery last week when they were called to a hotel room in Arizona.

According to police, 1-month-old baby was declared dead at the scene, and another 1-month-old baby was taken to the hospital with a traumatic brain injury. In the room there were three other children who were «covered with dirt», and from their ears crawled insects.

According to the office of Sheriff of Maricopa County, the surviving children, one of whom has multiple skull fractures, currently in custody of the state, while both parents are accused of several criminal offences.

The police said that the family stayed in a hotel in Phoenix, but the couple called us the night of 911, because one of their children was not breathing. In the arrest report obtained КТVК, said that the baby «choked and didn’t react» earlier, but the mother did CPR and didn’t call for help until the child stopped breathing several hours later.

Three other children — a 15-month, 4-year and 6-year — old was infected with lice and covered in dirt, bedbugs, and they were wearing «extremely dirty diapers». According to the affidavit, the youngest of the three also had a fracture of the skull.

Parents, 38-year-old Donald Ferguson and 29-year-old Emmalin Ramirez, denied that they had harmed their children, but the father admitted that sometimes he beat a woman.

However, 4-year-old child told police that his father threw on the floor baby, who then died.